About Us

Our business began in 2008 when Josh Kluth began repairing, pressure-washing, and staining fences for neighbors, widows, retirees, single parents, and friends he knew through the church where his father was the pastor.

We take great pride in our work that helps turn gray fences into great looking fences in just a few days.

We only recommend Consumer Report’s #1-Rated long-lasting quality stain that looks great and holds its color for 5+ years.  When almost all other products are used, people’s fence will begin to weather, gray, or blacken with a few years.

We have now done over 500 fence restoration projects for homeowners, businesses, HOA’s, townhouses, schools, churches, hail damage insurance claims, realtors, and contractors.

In 2017, we expanded our operations into three franchises with the help of two brothers, Denny and Scott Walton.  Josh Kluth is heading up the West Denver Metro territory, Denny Walton handles the East Denver Metro, and Scott Walton takes care of the Colorado Springs/El Paso County territory.  

We have become one of the premier providers of fence  restoration services in Colorado. Over the years the business has continued to grow and expand across the I-25 front range into over 40 communities from Denver to Colorado Springs and Boulder.

In the future, we hope to add franchises in other communities across Colorado and other states around the country through our personal efforts and franchising opportunities.