Fence Project Measuring

When we first started our fence restoration business in 2008, we used to have to try and coordinate schedules to come out and measure someone’s fence.

Now, because of the wonders of modern technology, we can save everyone time and money by using google satellite maps to measure your fence.

When you email us your address for your free with a 30% discount, we can look up pictures of your house and an aerial view of your yard and fence on google.Then using the measuring tool on google satellite maps we are able to measure your fence and send you FREE email bid with the per foot (linear foot) quote for the cost of your fence project.

If you need any board, pickets, or posts replaced, we have standard prices for each of these items in our pricing list.

Take a close look at the picture to see how we used the measuring tool to determine the fence size was 290.12 feet.

Fence Measuring

In rare situations where someone’s fence line is not viewable on google satellite maps, we ask people to download our fence diagram for measuring their fence and then send us a photo/scan of the sheet once they calculate the size of the fence.  If needed, click here to download fence diagram for measuring your fence.

In jobs where major repair work is going to be part of the project (i.e. blown over fences, crashed fences, or major hail damage), we can schedule a time to come to your property, examine the work that needs to be done, and provide a custom estimate for you and/or your insurance company.

THANK YOU for your interest in receiving a FREE email bid with a 30% discount for your fence project.