Our Prices

side-img-2Email us your name and address to office@fencemakeover.com and we will send you a FREE BID with a 30% DISCOUNT within 24 hours or less!

We use google satellite maps to measure your fence and send you a bid online or you can download and use this measuring diagram to determine tthe # of feet for your fence project.  We have developed this easy-to-bid online process over the last 10 years.  Our customers have loved it because they can get a written bid within 24 hours or less and get their project scheduled as soon as possible.


  • #1 Most Popular Package: PRESSURE-WASH AND STAIN your fence with Consumer Reports #1 Long-Lasting Recommended Stain – Your choice of 3 colors (lasts 5+ years) or a clear-coat.

  • #2 For recently installed fences: STAIN OR CLEAR-COAT ONLY

  • #3 For realtors and home-owners wanting to sell a home: PRESSURE-WASH ONLY

  • #4 Pressure-wash and stain SPLIT-RAIL FENCE


  • $20 ONLINE BOOKING FEE to get put into our schedule for the next opening.  CLICK to pay your $20 booking fee.

  • 30% DOWN on or before the day we start your project – payment can be by check, credit card, or online payment link we text to you.

  • 70% FINAL PAYMENT upon completion by check, credit card, online payment we can text to you

  • OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS OVER 3 MONTHS If it would be helpful to you, we can spread out your credit card payments over 3 months (30% down, 35% payment #2, 35% payment #3).


  • CUSTOM COLOR STAINS (CLICK for your choice of colors — we recommend SOLID STAIN if you would like it to last and look good for 5+ years)

  • EXTRA PROJECTS Fencing, out buildings, structures, play areas, playhouses, dog houses, or decking not included in original measurements/bid

  • BASIC REPAIRS Replace broken, cracked, or warped pickets or cross-boards.  *4×4 posts. See note below

  • BUSH/SMALL TREE TRIMMING SERVICES This is sometimes needed in order to provide access your fence for pressure-washing and staining

  • ADDITIONAL STAIN COVERAGE A second coat of stain or back-rolling is sometimes requested or needed, especially if the owner chooses a lighter stain to cover over an older darker color stain

  • GATES AND HARDWARE Requested repairs, new hardware, or masking off gate hardware before staining

  • TRIP CHARGES beyond those provided for free in the original bid

  • EXTRA PRESSURE-WASHING PROJECTS Any out buildings, decks, side walks, driveways, house exterior, windows, etc.

*Add-on items are charged by the item or by the hour.  No discounts apply.

**Note: For broken 4×4 posts, we do not provide this service but can recommend other companies that can come and replace these posts before we come and do your pressure-washing  and staining project.