• Curb appeal is very important in selling a house.

  • You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

  • Many buyers will decide on a house within the first few minutes.

AN OLD UGLY GRAY FENCE hurts curb appeal, does not make a good first impression, and creates a selling barrier because buyers will think they are going to have to spend thousands of dollars to get the fence fixed, stained, or replaced!

FenceMakeover has two possible solutions for your sellers and/or buyers!

When it comes to the ugly gray fence, RESTORE IT, DONT REPLACE IT!  Our prices are 80-90% less than a typical fence replacement project.

  • SOLUTION 1: Have us come and pressure-wash away the gray and black mildew on the fence.  We can make the fence look like new in one day!

  • SOLUTION 2: Before or after the sale, have us pressure-wash and stain the fence.  Most jobs only take 2 days to complete.

Below is a picture of any ugly fence that looked great after just one day of pressure-washing.

CALL OR TEXT US TODAY @ 720.432.2422 to let us help you to help your buyers or sellers by providing a proven solution to the problem of an “UGLY FENCE.”