It has been our joy to turn over 500 ugly fences

from GRAY to GREAT since 2008!

Here’s the 6-step process we will use to help restore your fence:

  1. BID – Email us at with your names, address, and phone numbers.  We will then measure your fence using google satellite maps and send you a written bid within 24 hours or less.  We will also send you information about our company, your stain choices, a fence measuring diagram, and how to get your yard/fence ready for us to do your project.

  2. BOOK – If you like our bid and want to get into our Master Schedule, make a $20 BOOKING DEPOSIT which gives you our BEST-PRICE and the NEXT-BEST-SPOT in our schedule.  We will follow-up with a confirmation and project contract agreement for you to review.

  3. SCHEDULE – A few days before we plan to do your project we will contact you.  The actual day we are able to come will be dependent on weather and other projects happening that week.  We will stay in touch with you to confirm when we will be able to be at your house to begin your project.  Your 30% down payment must be paid online or by check (when we arrive).  We will also need to receive your personally or digitally signed contract agreement before we arrive OR one the day we arrive so we can start work on your fence.  We will also need you to let us know what stain you would like us to use.

  4. PRESSURE-WASH and FIX – We will pressure-wash your entire fence and do any agreed upon repair projects.

  5. STAIN – We will apply one coat of stain to your fence as part of our basic services.  In some cases, the owner may request add-on services for us to apply a second coat or do backrolling, or it may be required to cover over a darker stain with a lighter color.  Once we arrive and start a project, we are able to pressure-wash, fix, and stain most residential fences over a few days and 90% of projects are finished within a 5-7 day period.  The actual length of time will vary by the size of the project, weather conditions (we normally are unable to stain if it is too cold, windy, or wet), and other projects.

  6. FINAL PAYMENT – 70% balance will be due upon completion or if requested, credit card information can be accepted for one 35% payment in 30 days and the last 35% payment due in 60 days.