“Three fence companies gave me bids of $4000 to $6000 to replace my old fence. FenceMakeover was able to provide a bid of $1099 to make repairs, pressure-wash, and stain it to make it look great again.”
“I am thrilled with how my fence turned out. FenceMakeover did an awesome job in making my old gray fence look GREAT!”
“We thought we were going to have to replace our 25 year old ugly gray fence. The FenceMakeover bid was 85% less than the cost of replacing our fence! When they were done, our old fence has never looked better!”
“We love the results of our FenceMakeover project. Our fence that was REALLY UGLY looks REALLY GOOD now!”
“We had severe hail damage on 30% of our fence. Because of the affordable bid FenceMakeover gave us, we were able to get our insurance company to pay for 100% of our fence to be pressure-washed and stained. The entire fence now looks amazing! We couldn’t be any happier with the results.”
“We had over 50 broken and warped pickets that needed to be replaced on our old gray fence. We weren’t sure how the fence would look when we combined 20 year old pickets with brand new pickets. When all the pressure-washing and staining was done, we were THRILLED with how the fence turned out. You can’t even tell the difference between the old and new pickets. The BEHR stain FenceMakeover uses is great.”
“We had our fence pressure-washed and stained 5 years ago. The fence still looks great, the color has remained strong, and no gray/black mildew has returned to our fence. The FenceMakeover staff and the #1 BEHR stain they use are GREAT!”
“I was required to have my old fence fixed up before I could close on my house sale. The FenceMakeover crew worked diligently and the fence turned out absolutely beautiful! They are great workers and did a better job than I could ever hoped for on my old fence – – it looks like a new fence.”
“A large section of our old ugly fence was hit by a car in the middle of the night. FenceMakeover made repairs, built new sections of fence, pressure-washed the old fence, and stained the old and the new sections of fence. It turned out AWESOME! We now have the best looking fence in our neighborhood.”
“We weren’t sure it was possible to get our gray and black cleaned up and looking good again. We were surprised how much better the fence looked after FenceMakeover power-washed and stained it.”
“FenceMakeover did a great job power-washing, repairing, and staining our fence. We are very pleased with their work and how nice are fence looks now.”

“FenceMakeover delivered prompt, courteous service along with excellent workmanship. They really cared about my satisfaction with their work. I also was extremely impressed with their follow-through to complete the job in a timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone based on the quality service and workmanship he delivered to us”.